Thursday, February 28, 2013


Over dinner with friends Tuesday night; we came upon one of those "six degrees of separation" conversations about a fun, creative couple that we had all separately had business associations with..... he started an ad agency.... she started a photography business... 

.... so, I wasn't altogether surprised when our friends mentioned stumbling upon their amazing "floating" vacation home featured in Dwell magazine....  This home clearly showcases great innovative thinking and a sense of restraint which I believe results in the best design....

.... regardless of the genre.... traditional or contemporary.  This couple has had a chance to exercise their creative muscles on both.... for their permanent home (which oddly enough used to house circus animals) was featured in Traditional Home a few years back as well...

Leaves me wondering what they are up to now.... something cool, I'm sure.


  1. Wow , very beautyfull , thank you for sharing marlowe , i really like your blog

  2. cool, for real.....oozing cool. Love peaking into creative folks lives....their talents always seem to continue into their home life as well. Thanks

  3. Yes, they are beyond cool in my book!

  4. Wow! I love the warm hardwoods and the bare feet picture at the top. Very cool!


  5. Oh my gosh to vacation there would be a dream!!!! My kids would never want to leave.

    It's amazing what a small world it is huh? I went to college in Hawaii and met a girl there from Thailand who knew my sister when she (my sister) lived there.


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