Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Beauty: Nail It!

Why not shake your (polished) finger in Old Man Winter's face today and give yourself a manicure?   True fans of simple pleasures; freshly polished nails are always a quick and easy pick-me-up for me and my girls.  There certainly is a lot of creativity going on in the nail department right now; but we always favor a good coral or classic red when we aren't sporting this.  Instant sunshine..... well, almost.



  1. I've just recently discovered what a pick me up nail polishing can be. Bubble bath is my fave snd thanks for letting me know it's in smazon!

  2. Tryin to fool us again with those pics, eh? And... I do love a manicure, maybe a pedicure even more but... I hate having to take the polish off in a day because it chips away. And... I think we can agree to seriously consider before doing the gel again!

    1. Ha! Actually not trying to fool you this time... the top pics are me (taken yesterday) and my sweet girl while we were in Egypt. The bottom photos.... well, there's no mistaking those as me. :) My nails chip quickly too but I still love it; even for a day or two.

  3. Gave myself a manicure while watching the Oscar's the other night. Makes me happy. Now I want some mint colored jeans. :)

  4. Well put, well polished. I'm so sick of winter. Hope this helps. =)

  5. Currently I am addicted to the shalac nails. I love how they look and they never chip. Sort of hate having to get them done every couple of weeks. Looking forward to a pedicure over spring break with my little lady. She can't wait to get this done for the first time.

  6. Alright, this is inspiring me to get with it and get the diy paint off of mine!


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