Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Christmas Decor Replay.......

..... just like the perennial favorites make my Christmas playlist each December.... I can't get enough of this home's holiday decor I posted about last year.  I've yet to see anything this season that has inspired me more....

Boston designer Greg Van Boven's home

So easy to re-create using fresh greenery and flowers which are so readily available this time of year.  The boxwood has always been the most difficult thing for me to find..... but Target has scored some MAJOR points with me this year by offering this.....

Is it crazy that this wreath makes me as jolly as a plate of cookies does Santa?!? :)


  1. Saw it, loved it, could look at it over and over! Thank you!!

  2. red done so well! I once heard someone say "when you enters someone's home, Christmas shouldn't slap you in the face." True...this house perfect example. Festive but uncluttered and clean. I would let this house slap me in the face however. Off to check out that wreath from Target....Target, really?

  3. GORGEOUS! Love the light fixtures as you walk up the steps and those hanging wreaths in the kitchen :) .. so fun. The white, neutral palette is perfect for the green and red.


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