Monday, November 26, 2012

The View from Here....

A Photo a Day:  Week 47

The latest addition to our bookshelf.... captured from a photograph by the talented Karl Johnson;
"Wish-full" thinking;
I couldn't resist these..... now if I could just get my hands on some of this and this;
"Marlowe in the box";
A belated anniversary gift for my guy inscribed "I married adventure 2012"... in honor of our latest one;
Tis the season for sparks...;
and sparkles....

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful weekend surrounded by friends, family, food.... and Black Friday finds (if you were so inclined) :)

  While we certainly missed our usual traditions back in the States; we were overly-blessed by new friends and neighbors who gave us a generous helping of hospitality and holiday cheer.
We are so thankful.

Now.... bring on the Christmas music! :)


  1. What a perfectly sweet week ~ cheers to the Christmas music!

  2. Is that your wishbone? The girls were disappointed with us when we forgot about it!

    1. It was the wishbone of the bird from the potluck we attended.... our hostess (below) was the lucky one!

  3. Your table is beautiful!!! I didn't do any Black Friday shopping, I learned my lesson in years past, I'll pay full price thank you very much (which isn't true cause you know I always find the deals :) )

    Glad you have made friends to share the holidays with.

    1. All the credit for that beautiful table goes to our hostess in the photo!.... I agree, it was stunning!
      I'm with you on the Black Friday shopping too.... although it's a non-issue here in Switzerland. The Cyber Monday.... now that's another story! :)

  4. Karl's website is my newest "favorite". I had a cut-out silhouette made of Jake when he was just a little younger than Parker is now while we were in Savannah. A guy was doing them out of a little white booth down by the water in the art market area, and I couldn't resist. It's one of my favorite things I own! I've always wondered where I could get another, and now I know. Yay for Karl! Thanks, Crissy!! I'm so glad you all had a GREAT Thanksgiving holiday. :)

  5. loving the polka dots and the kiddo in the box. p.s. i love love love all your house decor pins///you have great taste :)

  6. What a gorgeous anniversary gift, Crissy- you all are so blessed, and we love seeing your journey unfold. Have a great week.
    xo Nancy


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