Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Swiss Home Tour: Guest Bedroom

I'm sure almost any expat living in Europe would agree...... the guest bedroom is one of the busiest rooms in the house..... and rightly so!  We've already hosted guests for 5 out of the 13 weeks we've lived in Geneva and are expecting many more over the next several months.

When furnishing the guest room, I focused on what I look for and/or enjoy when staying at a hotel....
  • 2 full-size beds for adults and/or children; or couples that can't sleep in a bed together smaller than a king (like my guy and me);
  • white sheets..... because I'm obsessed and they just read "clean" to me;
  • a selection of various types of pillows.... fluffy, flat, and a bolster type for reading;
  • extra blankets for lounging and/or for those who run "cold" like me;
  • a tray for snacks or coffee; and in this case writing since we had to forego a desk in favor of the extra bed;
  • a full-size mirror;
  • a clean closet with plenty of hangers;
  • a laundry basket;
  • an extension cord and converters for charging electronics;
  • reading materials (books about Switzerland and Europe as well as magazines);
  • fresh flowers;
  • a lavender scented candle and matches;
  • a box of tissues;
  • and, last but certainly not least,  treats...... we are in the land of bottled water and chocolate after all.... :)

.......sadly, however, I do not offer 24 hour room service. :)

What's on your "wish list" for guest bedrooms?


  1. Can not wait to visit that room! Doesn't look like you've missed a thing. Love y'all!

  2. It's beautiful and looks so cozy! I love the flags above the beds - nice touch.

  3. Oh you've covered it all in your amazing guest warm, cozy and inviting...hmmmmm...

  4. I have a feeling your fabulous room is going to be sporting a 'No Vacancy' sign permanently! Love every thoughtful detail!

  5. What a great guest room! I love the doggy book ends, where did you get those!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    1. Thank you! They are actually from Target a few seasons ago.

  6. That room looks so comfy, I love the bed frames. I too have a guest room and after reading this post definitely need to step it up a notch :)

  7. Love it all. That bed frame might be on my next ikea list.

  8. I love this! Will you design mine? This is straight outta a mag!

  9. Love the two beds. What a great idea. When we lived overseas, our guest room was definitely one of the most used rooms of our house! Thanks for sharing, liz

  10. you are such a great hostess! Smart and functional....yet cozy and beautiful. Saving this for future reference

  11. Laurel PinsonJanuary 09, 2014

    It is beautiful and so thoughtfully put together. I think I hear it calling our names! :)


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