Thursday, November 15, 2012

Swiss Home Tour: Girls' Room

Welcome to the happiest (and, well, pinkest) room in the house.  Lovingly referred to as the "treehouse" as it resides on the third floor; this is the bedroom and play area of my two youngest girls.

I tend to only buy things I love so subsequently I hang on to them for a long time. The majority of the furnishings and bedding in this room have been "hand-me-downs" from my oldest daughter (who is now 12.... what can I say?).  However,  I do like to edit and/or add things as I happen upon them.  The latest additions in anticipation of our move..... the Dash & Albert rug (for comfort on the hardwood floor), the monogrammed bolsters (to "mark the territory" as Marlowe moved from her nursery to share a room with Holden as part of this move) ;  and a pair of Ektorp bookcases on casters (for storage and to partition off the slanted ceiling).  

The very latest addition came this morning as a result of Marlowe's recent "princess complex".  I've been in danger of going mad over having to stuff gobs of dress-up into a trunk several times a day everyday with the boas getting tangled up with the glitter shoes and wands and whatnot.  So, I graciously gave up the rolling rack in my room so that the dresses could be easily accessed and admired 24/7...... :)

oh.... the sacrifices we mothers make :)

...... Holden just got home from school and proclaimed with delight that it's "perfect" for staging her performances too.....

just what I thought :)


  1. love the bla bla doll....and your real doll. Love Marlowe! Our princess dresses stuffed into a basket...copying your idea, so sweet.

    Love the well styled. Where did you find the bedside table?

    1. Hey! I actually had a trio of these tables custom made for displays when I had my baby boutique many moons ago. They are from a great company called worlds-away.

    2. a cool, tell us more....sounds like a future blog post ha! Love Worlds Away...have not seen those tables...going to search

  2. I am so bringing up the rolling rack for our massive dress up collection. I actually found ebs sitting on her trunk yesterday trying to get everything in.

    The room is beautiful. I love gingham and especially love the books on their tables. Grown up but girly at same time.

  3. Looks incredible! I'm sure the girls will be gathering some inspiration. For Christmas, they are each asking for funds to redecorate their rooms.

  4. This is such a darling room. I would have loved this as a little girl. Looks beautiful.

  5. Haha, why didn't I ever think of the rolling rack, that's such a great idea. Their room is so delightful, I love it all. I of course am a big fan of hand me downs as well :)

  6. Pink perfection! Love the monogram bolsters!

  7. I love's perfect!


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