Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Postcards from...

A few weeks ago we watched "Letters to Juliet" during our family movie night and, not surprisingly, my girls (and I) fell for the notion of the lovelorn leaving letters on the wall of the infamous Juliet Capulet's home.  And, what was even more intriguing was that a group of women actually exists to answer them!  So.... when given a chance to get away for a couple of days.... we took the opportunity that our new address affords and headed straight to you guessed it...... Verona... to see for ourselves.  

My husband was a great sport and we did, in fact, get to stand on Juliet's balcony and witness women leaving letters in designated post boxes (no longer on the wall).... and despite paying homage to Romeo & Juliet's deaths..... Verona was full of life.... offering spectacular glimpses behind closed doors, lively piazzas full of wonderful pastas and gelato, and centuries old landmarks.  My girls even got to witness their first opera (Notre Dame in Paris) in the Arena di Verona built in A.D. 30.......all incredibly romantic indeed. :)  


  1. I'm available for adoption if you're interested....would love to tag along on your family outings! Beautiful, what adventures y'all are having

  2. That was a cute movie, had no idea it was based on true events! Your pictures are lovely, but your description of the food in Italy, makes me want to visit even more...Miss you!

    1. Please, please come visit!..... I'd be happy to be your tour guide. :)

  3. Oh how incredible, Crissy! LOVE that movie! This makes me want to go back and watch it all over again. And of course Chris went with you...that's just the kind of great guy he is. :) Please say "Hi" for me to him and to the girls.

  4. Adorable! Thanks for sharing! xoxo

  5. Aww, love this! :) Thanks so much for sharing! Team Romance all the way!


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