Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beauty..... & the Beast

....... as for the "beast"; I hate to be a downer but I'd be remiss if I didn't post my first (& hopefully last) official blog retraction to this post from a couple of weeks ago re:  shellac nail polish.  So, it was certainly great while it lasted but around 2 1/2 weeks I wanted it off.... and therein lies the problem.  After soaking, peeling, soaking some more,  and becoming extremely irritated.... it is still not completely off and what remains of the nails I did manage to scrape it off of is horrible (and too embarrassing to even post a photo).  I will never get another shellac polish unless I am assured that the removal process has been significantly improved and my sincere apologies to anyone that got one based on my ill-informed excitement!

Now..... onto some tried and true beauty finds that have earned a permanent spot on my vanity this summer......

Murad Essential-C Day Moisture SPF 30:  This product smells divine..... the slightest scent of citrus that is invigorating in the morning.  I love its light-weight texture, the strong SPF, and the fact that it dries fast so I can get right to my make-up.

Bliss Clog Dissolving Cleansing Milk:  It's not news that I love a lot of Bliss products but this has skyrocketed to the top.  Applying this to my face is the closest thing I've experienced to an at-home facial and, in fact, can be used as a 5-minute mask.  Again, the smell is light and yummy..... grapeseed and bitter orange.

Johnson & Johnson Aloe Vera & Vitamin E creamy oil lotion:  Yes, it smells good too.....(what can I say, I like pretty smelling products). And, while I also love super soft skin; ever since I can remember I've despised using body lotion.  It's always too thick, is sticky... or never seems to dry.  This product is the first one I've found that is the perfect mix of creamy and fast drying without leaving that residue feel.

Have you made any beauty discoveries this summer?  


  1. definitely going to try these...spent years searching for a not-greasy, non-scented daily spy. Settled on Cosmedix..works well, but intrigued by the citrus smell you mention. That could be great in the morning

    hope your nails are recovering

  2. So I have gotten Shellac. I had pure acetone from a beauty supply store and poured it in a bowl. I soaked one hand at a time, and after 5 minutes most came off and then I did a few more minutes and it was all gone.

    1. Thanks for the tip. I tried soaking in regular polish remover but not pure acetone..... perhaps that was the problem.

  3. I overheard a conversation at a salon on the shellac removal.The salon owner said it is best to have the salon remove it. I didn't catch how they remove it, but I guess you trade one convenience for another. The polish stays on, but if you want to save your nails and your skin, you have to make another appointment for removal:-( I feel certain, someone will fix that at some point.


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