Thursday, June 07, 2012

Sea Glass.......

A little inspiration by way of sea glass today.  I am in a state of perpetual amazement at the beauty found in nature and of God breathed color palettes.   I've never been to a beach that has sea glass but it's on my bucket list to get there and collect some one day.


Do you have a favorite color palette inspired by nature?


  1. Dreamy post today Crissy .. the sea glass, the textures, and the cupcake!

  2. Turquoise and blue are my favorite, so soothing. But I also really like green and white. I just love color. Oh that phone, I remember dialing on those, good times.

  3. oh my crissy-when i saw that phone it reminded me of my parents rotary phone in their guest takes like 2 minutes to dial a number and heaven forbid you dial a number incorrectly so you have to start all over!! can you tell im too uncoordinated to use their phone? anyway, love those colors!!

  4. I love where sand meets the sky, that color combo of taupe and sky blue is so incredible together!

    The colors of sea glass are bewitchingly beautiful. I haven't seen glass like this on the west coast. Might they be an east coast thing?


Thanks for sharing!