Thursday, May 03, 2012

Interiors: Lucy Interior Design

I was roaming around the web today and I happened upon these show-stopping rooms from the folks at  Lucy Interior Designs out of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  These images just plain make me happy.

Love everything about this:  the trim on the Roman shade, those moss balls for height and the carefully selected accessories.

This could certainly make laundry seem less of a chore.  Love the simple, yet clever use of a curtain above the washer and dryer.  Just goes to show that any space can benefit from smart design.

There's that ribbon trimmed Roman shade again.  Love the carefully selected color against the crisp white backdrop with the pop of color in the window seat.  I'm feeling a need for crown moulding in here but I'm guessing they had to forego that because of the great architectural cut-out.

Just plain pretty.  This color palette always makes me think of my friend Andrea over at Oak Ridge Revival..... it's one of her faves too.

This is the image that stopped me in my tracks.  What a great use of bold, saturated color.  This piece would clearly NOT have the same impact if painted white.

so there's your daily dose of pretty.  Do you like?

Oh, and on a completely different subject...... it seems I need to start a series of posts entitled "Culture Shock"   First up:

 Chris (aka "my guy" and husband) was over at our rented house in Geneva Switzerland today.  He was there to meet with the folks who are going to install cable and a security system; along with our relocation agent and translator (thank goodness...... we had a good laugh about what this scenario might have looked like had he not had a translator).  He said it basically went down like this:

Walk in........ room full of men dressed in suits.  Has your cable guy ever shown up in a suit and exactly how many men are needed to handle this job? (the house is small folks).
The translator says they can't understand why we want to move the cable jack into a room they refer to as the "entry" which we are turning into a TV room.  (You, my dear readers, will understand immediately, as soon as I get pics posted)

After some discussion getting that nailed down, the cable guy asks Chris whether he wants the equivalent of basic cable or upgraded cable... to which Chris inquires about the cost.  Upgraded:  4000 swiss francs (is that for all three years!?!?)..... uh, no, we'll take the basic even though the cost of basic is apparently still TBD.  "Don't worry" the cable guy says "We'll take care of that later".

..... on to the security folks
Chris: "Can you tell me where you will install the motion light at the back of the house?"
Security guy:  "Don't worry.  We'll get it worked out"
Chris:  "But yes, that's why I'm here"
Security guy moves on trying to convince Chris to sign up for wireless control of the system from his iphone instead.   Chris, luckily, having already learned from the exchange with the cable guy 5 minutes ago (and wondering what exhorbitant price tag is attached) replies....... "No thank you... the standard system will be fine."

10 more "Don't worry's!" come from the mouths of men in suits.

I'm so thankful that Chris was willing to take time out of his crazy work schedule to handle this.  Honestly, I'm relieved I wasn't there.  Can you just imagine what would have happened if I had asked if they were running any specials? :)

It's going to be a wild ride folks.  


  1. awesome pictures-i pinned 3 of them-LOVE!!!!

  2. I am finding your Swiss posts very interesting as I too moved to Switzerland for 3.5 years with two preschool children and had a baby 9 months later:). It is a culture shock to move there but what came as a suprise was the culture shock upon moving back to Canada. Have fun and enjoy the ride!!

  3. Funny story and I'm glad you didn't ask about specials!

    Love the decor pics! I can't believe all the color combinations here and how wonderful everything looks together. Those match box shades are nice ~ thinking of using them in one of my rooms. Love the variations of the color orange.


  4. The roman shades are so fantastic! I'm with you on that!!!

  5. What a fabulous orange hutch built-in. Great pop of color!

  6. Oh, you are going to have so many great stories to share on your adventure. I can't wait! Thanks for the shout out.
    Have a great weekend.

  7. I love your pictures,they are beautiful. Thanks for stopping by our blog
    Have a nice weekend!

  8. can't wait for your Swiss posts!

  9. AnonymousMay 05, 2012

    Love these crisp and colorful spaces! Have a great weekend!

  10. What a great selection of stylish, bright rooms and such an organised laundry - I wish mine would stay tidy like that!

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