Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Art: What a Racquet......

In general, I'm not a big fan of "themed" decor..... but as I've mentioned before decorating a tween's room can be more difficult than most...... especially when you consider art for the walls that involves something other than a gigantic bulletin board (which is ofcourse, necessary..... but not essential on EVERY wall) :)

So..... in an effort to try and keep things personal and meaningful.... I purchased a vintage tennis racquet from Etsy for my tennis loving daughter.  I was just planning on displaying it on the wall but I've recently been inspired by these great ideas......

This is my favorite.  Hmmm... I'm wondering if I could do a diamond monogram design. :)

Personal and practical..... a great combination for a tween.

Love this executed in a boy's room too.

Love, love, love this!...... but don't have the wall space.

Like the mirrors used for a practical purpose here...... also might be fun to do chalkboard inserts.

What do you think?......
Kitsch or Cool?



  1. cool, love the vintage racquets!

  2. ohhhhh great ideas!! I love the first one :)

  3. Wow...who knew you could do so many cool things with rackets. Decorating a tweens room would be tres hard. Where to start!

  4. I vote, cool! My tennis loving boy would like the vintage racquets, and your chalkboard idea is genius!

  5. Love love the first one! So subtle yet personal, especially with a monogram?! A must!


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