Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Swiss Family Robinson......

Last week, I shared a round-up of some of the kitchens that we saw during our house hunting trip to Switzerland.  Today, I thought I'd share some of the exteriors.  I wish I had taken more photos but honestly, I was too overwhelmed with questions, considerations,  etc. and I just plain forgot.  The net result are the homes/pools that I suppose I thought were photo worthy.

And in the camp of "Well, what do you know?".......

there is no air conditioning...... nope.... doesn't matter big or small or uberexpensive...... none.  They kept telling us that it doesn't get that hot; yet at the same time they told us they use their pools May - October?  Huh?..... oh, and there are no screens for the windows....... this could prove humorous as Chris and I were already hot there in March!

These folks like their wines........ 7 out of 10 of the homes we saw had wine cellars...... the real deal kind.  We still laugh about a home we saw that had an empty swimming pool with an old Christmas tree thrown in; an interior in disarray and....... behind a closed door in the basement........ an impressive wine collection.

Carpet........ we saw nary a piece in any of the approx. 25 homes we visited....... all tile or wood.

Smoke Detectors....... again, nada.  Added to my "must buy" list.

Bomb Shelters....... check.  No smoke detectors but they have plenty of protection from nuclear fallout. Ironically, in this notoriously conflict adverse country, each home built during and after the Cold War has one (think big, big metal door.....).  Not so ironically, these rooms have become the wine cellar in many of the homes we saw.  Seems like a good idea, no?

There is seriously no ice....... I had heard this and it is true.  Some of the biggest homes we looked at didn't have a freezer, period.  This could also prove humorous for someone who is married to the biggest iced tea drinker on the planet.  Call it providential though....... the house that we got was one of I think 2 that has a full size freezer so I can make trays of ice.  Can I get a Hallelujah!  (albeit we gave up the wine cellar) :(

My favorite part of the trip...... the word "Voila!" Taxi gets you to your destination.... "Voila!"  Someone opens the door for you..... "Voila!"  Dinner is served...... "Voila!"  The realtor can't get the lock box to work and finally does..... "Voila!"  You fall down and bust your face.... "Voila!" (just kidding)  I found this positively charming and it's so much fun to say that I don't blame them for using it so often!  We have already proclaimed it the name of our home there..... I will be ordering a plaque. :)

I'll share the home we settled on soon!  Have a great day everyone!


  1. Wow, you are going to have some adjustments to make! Nonetheless, what a fabulous adventure for you and your family. Can't wait to experience it along with you!

  2. What a busy glad you found a house, and with 2 freezers at that! All so charming and love that they have pools - sounds like you may need one with no a/c. Happy Wednesday ~

    1. oh, I wish.... you read that wrong..... just one freezer..... but still very happy!

  3. Oh, Crissy, this gave me a little chuckle this morning! Too funny! Glad to be living without a freezer vicariously through you! Voila, love it!

  4. love the photos...can't wait to see your new home!!! Bomb shelters, pools and wine.....this is going to be interesting, looking forward to your swiss posts

  5. I like all those wine cellars :) and interesting about the bomb shelters. Thanks for including us in on your house hunting adventure!


  6. Love the name of the house :) I remember going to Europe in high school and being so annoyed by the no ice situation. It just isnt the same!

  7. Wow...each house is cuter than the next. Is it just me? So excited for you!

  8. Voila! That was funny! Great post. I actually discover your blog through Johanna's! Good luck on the move/new life! Sounds pretty amazing! xoxo

  9. How exciting! When I was there in July, I wore a cardigan the whole time. It was lovely! Then I landed back in Texas. In July.


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