Thursday, April 05, 2012

House Hunters International: Swiss Kitchens

...... so in my last post before leaving for Switzerland to go house hunting, I joked about what I might encounter when looking at kitchens there.  Well, let me tell you, I was happily surprised.  What I found were sleek, modern designs and finishes filled with the latest appliances (minus a giant ice maker like we love here in the States).   Here's a sampling......

yes, that is a marble floor

my favorite..... because of the red, ofcourse, combined with that great ledge to fill with delicious Italian olive oils and vinegars and a piece of framed art...... oh, and that slate floor.

this kitchen was better equipped than my kitchen at home, with a built in wine refrigerator and griddle.... and it was in a multi-story apartment building!

Ofcourse, I would definitely have to infuse a hefty dose of "homey" into these contemporary designs but pretty impressive, no?


  1. Our kitchen in Bernex didn't make the cut? Love you.

    1. Don't worry dear!...... the grand unveiling next week! :)

  2. Wow...what a pleasant surprise that must have been. Love a sleek kitchen and especially love a refrigerator with not ice maker on the front. Makes it look so much more finished!! Happy hunting...

  3. I love the wood finishes in the first two kitchens! So sleek!

  4. I am not normally a huge modern decor fan...but I am loving that red!!! I also love the slate floor...swoon!

  5. csnnot believe i just realized your blog-bravo!! thrilled to have a great addition to my blog list!! happy house hunting-looks like you have some fantastic options-jealous!

  6. Ok, love the built in wine refrigerator! Beautiful wood finishes and lots of wonderful options for you!


  7. I really like the kitchen with the marble floor. Can someone give me an approx. price, and also for the other kitchen designs?

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