Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Fashion: Me and My Crew......

 ...... J. Crew, that is.  There should definitely be a "Danger!" or "Enter at your own risk!" warning blinking at the top of a J.Crew sale e:mail.  It seriously spells trouble for me and I try to just delete as quickly as possible.  But today, I thought I'd do a little dreaming of a getaway to someplace tropical (say Belize for fun..... that's where the Bachelor is heading :)).  And continuing on that theme... here's what I'd snatch up on the sale rack (because money might be tight if I quit my job in the search for love) if I were one of the contestants (thank heavens I'm happily married to my own hunk).....

1.  Juliet dress..... for the rose ceremony ofcourse, the color will look great with a tan!
2.  Patent passport holder..... because we all know the true test of love is surviving a luxury resort
     in some foreign location together!
3.  Tulle underwire tank..... I still have to believe that a little mystery would be refreshing!
4.  Eden cardigan...... doubles as a bathing suit cover-up and something to warm me up; I always
     think those girls must be freezing!
5.  Arabelle gown....... you never know, he may decide to forego the hometown dates and just get
     married on the beach!..... a girl has to be prepared.
6.  Cashmere Isabel sweatshirt......for lounging around while the other girls are on dates
7.  waffle leggings....... Yoga.....stress relief!
8.  glitter purse..... I never see a purse, but the girls must be keeping their powder and lip gloss
9.  nested enamel necklace.... because each girl seems to have her "signature" necklace
10.  chino short...... in case I get stuck on the next date in a downpour
11.  Contrast stripe tee....... Cheery stripes for the helicopter ride to the next adventure

Cheers to all the hopeless romantics that believe in love!...... even if it is the reality TV way! :)


  1. I love all the soft colors. One of my favorite places to shop.

  2. Love your picks. I"m ashamed to say, I watch the show too!

  3. Such pretty picks! I'm a J.Crew lover myself and I totally agree--they need a warning button! Always just want to buy up the whole site when I see that Sale email!:)

  4. Ohh, J. Crew. My downfall! I love the contrast stripe tee, I've been debating on buying that myself.


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