Friday, December 16, 2011

Fashion: ASOS for the Little Black Dress

I've been taking note of the fashion credits lately for stylish gals such as Atlantic-Pacific; and the retailer ASOS keeps making an appearance.  I probably haven't heard of it because their target audience is aged 16 -34 (I'm a tad bit older :)).... but when I checked it out I found an online fashion mecca out of the UK chalk full of ultra-reasonably priced, stylish fashions.  So, when searching options for a new LBD, I was pleasantly surprised at what ASOS has to offer (702 of them!).  Ruling out a good 550 due to the fact that unfortunately I no longer have a 16 year old's body or do I know how to get out of a car, sit down or bend over in a mini-mini-skirt (making it a little too risky :)); there were still quite a few gorgeous options to consider: 

my favorite! 

I love the look of a one shoulder dress

reminds me of Victoria Beckham; super sexy

office party appropriate; would look great with a short fitted blazer

my second favorite; could see Gwenyth Paltrow in this

Kate Spade-ish

I'm not sure of the quality but with free shipping both ways I'll be giving ASOS a test-drive.

For better photos and links to the dresses, go to my Fashion board on Pinterest.

..... and have a great weekend!

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