Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Stunning.......Lauren Bush and David Lauren

....... that's the word that came to mind when I spotted these recently published photos of Lauren Bush and David Lauren on  I've posted before about how much I admire the organization the pedigreed Lauren Bush co-founded, named FEED, and the great products they sell and work they do to help feed the hungry around the world.  And, ofcourse, everyone is familiar with the long-standing Ralph Lauren (David's father and employer) empire..... so it goes without saying that you'd expect something pretty spectacular.  The wedding took place at the Lauren family ranch in Colorado over Labor Day weekend in front of a mere 200 guests with the majestic Rockies and rolling cattle fields as the backdrop.  The ceremony was followed by a reception in a 200 year old barn where the bride wore cowboy boots; guests dined on steak; and the country singer Michael Martin Murphey performed.... seems pretty magical to me.......

.......oh, and I'm pretty sure that these two can serve as the perfect "stand-in" models for Ralph if ever need be..... :)


  1. Your right! They could be models. They are both gorgeous. Love her dress!

  2. love these photos! They are quite an attractive couple. K so, you work for Vogue?!?!?!? coolest job EVER
    Lovely Little Rants


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