Monday, October 31, 2011

Paying homage to orange.....

"Orange is the happiest color" - Frank Sinatra

in food....

I remember eating these as a child with my mother; it's still one of her favorites

Another childhood flashback.  I can imagine the taste so easily just by thinking about it.  I must introduce my girls to this soon!

Push-up Popsicles
Always my first choice when the ice cream truck came down our street in the summers

Please rest assured I love naturally occurring orange foods too (carrots, good old fashioned Florida oranges) but it is the official day for sugar! :)

...... in fashion

This company OWNS the color orange in fashion; not particularly because of the color of their offerings but due to their iconic orange boxes.

I own exactly 3 pieces of clothing in orange; all from J. Crew; all of which I purchased for their cheerful hue and all pieces I've owned for years and still love wearing.

I also have a bright orange Kate Spade wallet that I've had for many years that still makes me happy every time I pull it out of my purse.

.... in interiors

Unfortunately, orange does not play well with red (a staple in a lot of my rooms); therefore it is non-existent in my home.  However, if ever given the chance to decorate a house by the water, I can imagine a dreamy palette of orange (to mirror the sun); mixed with blue (to mirror the water); against a bright backdrop of glossy white (ofcourse, the sand).

.... which brings me to

the most magnificent orange of all; found only in nature and provided by the good Lord himself;  sunset.

image by House of Marlowe


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  1. Amen! Orange is in a class all by itself. A rich and happy color. I love it in winter...kinda says "I refuse to be among the frozen!" --Alison


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