Monday, October 10, 2011

Interiors: Red

In fashion and in decorating, red is a bold choice.  It commands attention and can stand on it's own with few accoutrements..... and I adore it!  I realize it's a polarizing color and for those of you who don't normally care for it, I'd like to try and sway your opinion with these lovely interiors.....

I prefer a true red combined with high contrast black, camel or white.  I have quite a bit of red on furniture and accessories on my first floor and I'm contemplating painting a wall in my family room a high-gloss red. 

What do you think?  Yeah or neah for red (don't worry, you won't hurt my feelings! :))?

Happy Columbus Day!


  1. I saw YEAH for red. Go for it with the wall. It will look stunning! If I wasn't already a lover of red, you would have swayed my opinion with these beautiful images.

  2. Don't have to sway me. I love red. I have a little of red all over my home. I personally have to be careful with how much red I use. To much and it is a little hard for me to live with, depending on the tone. I had one wall in my living room painted a berry red. Loved it! Just painted it to a neutral color after 10 years. go for it!

  3. Thanks! I agree..... it's definitely a "pace yourself" kind of color!


Thanks for sharing!