Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Crazy Good

......this tree swing; the newest addition to our home
 that my 11 year old asked for for her birthday (don't be fooled; it won out over an iTouch by a hair!)
 that makes me smile each time I drive down the street to my house
 that has become the best seat in (or out) of the house
 that can turn a child's (or adult's) day around
 that was installed by her 71 year old great-uncle who then took the first ride
 that reminds me the greatest joys can still be found in the simplest things

If you have a big tree and a handy family member or friend; I definitely recommend building yourself one (and I dare you not to smile the first time you try it out).  If not, you can find one here:  Breezy Swings.

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  1. My daughter needs to hang out with your daughter. What a great gift idea. Oh, and your landscaping looks awesome!


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